Dance & Fitness Classes


Journey through African and Caribbean folkloric dance traditions, and expand your understanding of their integral role in the development of American dance.


Designed for adults of all levels, this formal dance technique focuses on proper alignment, balance and flexibility by providing the foundation of classical ballet with renowned ballet instructors.

Body Conditioning

Learn how to prevent injury and target pain and muscle-tension by building a strong core and increasing flexibility.


A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres and can be performed to many different genres of music.

Dance Fitness / Cardio

Dance workouts that can be a great way to tone muscles, build cardiovascular endurance, and move to some great music for all fitness levels.

Hip-Hop/Street Styles

Influenced by the music and a cultural movement, these dance styles includes a wide range of styles originating primarily from breaking, locking, and popping.


With live drumming, these modern dance techniques features series of codified exercises, isolations, movement patterns, and progressions across the floor to improve the dancer’s physical limitations. Alvin Ailey works prominently features Horton Technique. 

Jazz/Theater Dance

This style of dance teaches dancers how to execute movement with individual style and originality through strong technique, unique moves, fancy footwork, and quick turns. 

Latin Styles

Move comfortably and confidently to Latin rhythms, transitioning into fundamental salsa footwork, while taking a unique approach to partner work.


Explore the cultural diversity of Brazil through the movement and rhythm of its sexy samba music  and dance style. Live drumming accompanies this class.


A technique characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion.

West African Dance

Each class will teach the rich legacy of traditional African dance, accompanied by master drummers. This high-powered rhythmic dance experience is for anyone who loves to dance.  


Yoga is known to build strength and increase coordination and flexibility.