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A master ballet teacher, Dawn has extensive experience with adult beginners and has a fun and unique approach to teaching. As Dawn says, "My mother and I became ballet dancers together! I was 9 years old, she was 31 and we went to classes together. The school we attended had a professional company and after training hard, we eventually performed in The Nutcracker and toured with the company throughout the Pacific Northwest. I’ve witnessed firsthand what it takes for an adult to realize the dream of becoming a ballet dancer. This gives me a different perspective than most dance teachers—I believe adults can do it well because I have seen it done!" Dawn has been instrumental in training adult beginners who are new to every aspect of ballet, including pointe. Under her guidance, students achieve technical proficiency and clarity, as well as an ease and fluidity in their dancing. She has been on the permanent faculties of some of the largest dance studios in NYC for more than 25 years. She has taught master classes and performed with dance companies across the United Stated and in Europe as well as performing on the theatrical stage and in independent films. Most recently, she appeared in Buglisi Dance Theater’s The Table of Silence at Lincoln Center.