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Get to Know Babacar

Born in a griot family of Wolof people, Babacar M’Baye’s professional career began on tour with the Second Ballet of Senegal. Babacar is admired in his homeland as one of Dakar’s most exciting dancers. He upholds the tradition of Sabar dance by drawing power from the traditions of his people, while contributing his innovative spirit and style toward its continuation. A formidable dancer, he offers up an exciting and challenging learning experience to the beginner as well as, the well-versed dancer. Babacar has toured the United States with Ballet Sinomiye of Senegal and the Ballet Bougarabou Du Senegal. He has become one of New York City’s talented instructors of Sabar dance and is the renowned choreographer for the celebrated group Sing Sing Rhythms. Babacar has traveled the US and abroad teaching at workshops in Atlanta, California, DC, Puerto Rico and Japan