Ailey Experience Tour 2020

"Dance is for everybody. I believe that dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people." - Alvin Ailey

Mr. Ailey's life-long commitment to bringing dance to the people is at the core of Ailey Experience.


The Ailey Experience workshops give dancers ages 8+ the opportunity to study with leading instructors and former Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company members.
Students will learn the rich history of Ailey’s signature style and how he changed the perception of American modern dance.
Join us in a city near you for two days of special classes with live accompanists and in-depth studies of Alvin Ailey’s classics with masterpieces such as Revelations, Blues Suite and Night Creature.




February 29 - March 1, 2020  Northwest School of the Arts

Take hip-hop, Ailey Classics, and contemporary technique with Keith Alexander, Lisa Johnson-Willingham, and Christopher Jackson.

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March 7 - 8, 2020  Detroit Opera House

Take contemporary technique, a Revelations Workshop, horton technique, and Ailey Classics with Terri Wright, Lisa Johnson-Willingham, and Amos Machanic.

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March 21 - 22, 2020  TMJ Dance Project/The Black Academy of Arts & Letters

Take contemporary technique, hip-hop, and Ailey Classics with Christopher Jackson, Lisa Johnson-Willingham, and Antonio Jefferson.

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