Adult Classes

Age-Defying Therapeutic Stretches for Seniors

Finis Jhung shows you how to restore joint mobility, relax tense muscle, increase flexibility, and calm your mind. These slowly paced, easy-to-follow exercises are done both standing and sitting. Regain your youthful vitality and feel better!

Hip-Hop Cardio

Get ready for a dance cardio class that will leave you sweating, energized, and feeling better than when you walked in!

Body Ballet®

Body Ballet® is a unique Ballet workout program created by Anna Lederfeind that takes the principles of classical ballet training and adapts them to benefit the needs of today’s active woman. This class prepares the body for the demand of dance. If you always wanted to learn ballet or just want to get in great shape, this is the class for you!

Lastics® Stretch Technique

Lastics is a stretching technique born from the world of dance that was designed by dancer, Donna Flagg, to improve flexibility based on techniques dancers use to stay lean and limber.


This high intensity training is just what you need to move your full-body workout to the next level.

Power Hour Yoga

Open to students at all levels. This class will focus on essential principles of breath and structural alignment with the focus to increase core strength, practice stability, and gain functional flexibility. 

Power Ashtanga Yoga

This Yoga practice results in improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

Pilates Evolution

This class strengthens the core of your body, internally to externally. Develop and tone your muscles through the use of standard Pilates principles.

Ailey Barre

The Ailey Barre class will focus on sculpting the body through barre training to improve flexibility and develop longer leaner muscles.

Masala Bhangra®

Overall toning, body conditioning to build endurance, stamina and balance.